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Suzi Sabotage was born in Helsinki, Finland on July 27th, 1992 to a Russian mother and Finnish father. She found music around nine years old and since then was interested in singing and writing lyrics. Suzi formed her first, all-female hardcore punk band Melusaaste in 2009.

In late 2012, she made her long-time vision of a post-punk band true, forming Masquerade. She’s the only surviving original member to this day, managing the band and also writing, composing and arranging songs. In 2015 she joined Virgin in Veil as the keyboardist and background vocalist.

In February 2017 Suzi released electronic music as a solo artist, her debut performance as such being in December 2017.

Suzi is a vegetarian, politically identifying in the far-left, and openly bisexual. She is vocal about animal and LGBTQ+ rights, and actively promotes antifascism as well as intersectional feminism.

She lives in Helsinki, Finland with her husband, fellow-bandmember Jacques Saph and their cat Valentino.

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