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Translated by Jacques Saph:

It’s like that, some people have music in their blood. Suzi Sabotage and Jacques Saph are like this. This first Masquerade album is a killer, and not one of those who sends blasts in any direction without being able to catch its breath; on the contrary, the group is playing with finesse by providing a work primarily based on ambiences, allowing them to dare some pretty unexpected pieces (the excellent ‘Sinner Like Us’ and its almost dub intro, ‘Angst’ stripped of rhythm section and with its very wintry crystalline guitars). The band can afford it, with a singer and musicians of this quality and a great sense of melody and arrangements, the album moves between deathrock, post punk and goth influences, without downtime.To sink into

To sink into the facility, we could mention Siouxsie and the Banshees and Mephisto Waltz as influences but any listener with a strong enough pair of ears will quickly understand that our Finns do not need to be attached to their influences and that they can fly on their own. The most muscular songs such as ‘Drawn and Quartered’, ‘Madhouse’ or ‘Panic Paranoia’ are really exciting with solid rhythmic section and superb guitar parts; they will certainly quickly find their place in the playlists of savvy DJs. I also dwell on such titles as ‘Deathmarch’, a more melancholy tune, particularly successful in terms of arrangements (listen to this drums / vocals intro before the coming of the splendid chorus of melody), ditto for ‘Siberia’, performed in Russian. ‘Salt the Earth’ is also very interesting and shows a technique present throughout the whole record, i.e. to place each instrument forward on the mix when needed.

Avoiding the trap of repetition, ‘Ritual’ shows a very professional band that knows where it is going and is visibly sure of its musical identity. Nothing surprising, Masquerade play with their guts, not the hype, they have things to say and the listener can feel it. Releases of this quality are honoring the style and demonstrate its vitality.