Masquerade is a post-punk band located in Helsinki, Finland, formed in 2012, consisting of Suzi Sabotage (vocals), Jacques Saph (bass), Rudy Soininen (guitar) and William Freyermuth (drums).


“Their first LP, Ritual, is my newest obsession […] This is easily one of my favorite deathrock LPs released in 2016. It has a great variety of songs and really showcases Masquerade’s range. It’s addicting.”
– CVLT Nation

“It’s like that, some people have music in their blood. Suzi Sabotage and Jacques Saph are like this. This first Masquerade album is a killer, […] the group is playing with finesse by providing a work primarily based on ambiences, allowing them to dare some pretty unexpected pieces”
– Guts of Darkness

“Timelessly dramatic, ever-transforming but always edgy Masquerade (female-fronted dark rock from Finland) presents their new album „Ritual“, a ten-track piece of music that you cannot miss as a listener of the genre. Themes revolving around obedience and obsession, the result is memorably haunting.”
– Danse Macabre Records

“The musical foundation is cast in post-punk, goth and new wave, this however oozes theatrical elements from different places that no wave, psych, chanson, and cabaret”
– Indiestadt

“Wow… I found a new inspiration… Suzi Sabotage. I am amazed at how effortlessly she achieves her image like a late 1970’s punk and spices it up with her own individual touch… She’s stunning. She was obviously made for this.”
– fan comment

“[…] this great death rock band from Finland, and its singer, Suzi […]. She’s absolutely gorgeous, strong, direct, sexually raw, intelligent,against racism, against animal cruelty, etc…”
– fan comment

“There must be some sort of time vortex located somewhere in the vicinity of Helsinki […] This is definitely evident in Finland’s premiere Deathrock band, Masquerade, which began 3 years ago in late 2012 and was founded by the strikingly old-school vocalist Suzi Sabotage”

“Masquerade’s demo was on my “Best of 2013” list last year, and their recent “Blood is the New Black” EP is faithful, true-to-the-roots deathrock [..] The atmospheric synths on “Cry Like Birds” are a nice touch, and “I Will Stalk You” may be one of the most perfectly made deathrock songs I have heard in quite some time. Masquerade have the chops; they’re good musicians, they nail every note, and frankly they have made an awesome gothy postpunk EP here.”
– CVLT Nation

“I saw the four piece band Masquerade at Return to the Batcave Festival and it blew me away. Superb Goth punks loving playing to the crowd. Singer Suzi Sabotage is great live, lots of odd panting, screaming and generally having fun with the rest of the band… so, I was a bit worried the magic wouldn’t translate onto a recording. […] I was wrong.
The five track EP Blood is the New Black doesn’t disappoint. Guitars, bass and drums are as good as anything that came out of the original goth punk scene. Suzi’s stage antics carried over without losing any of the live charm. [..]
Hats off to Finlands finest gothrockers for a great release.”
– Peek-a-Boo Magazine