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(This is the original, non-translated response that was sent to the magazine. The finished article was translated (to Swedish) and somewhat modified from this with added introductions.)

I don’t take style seriously – I love clownish clothing and makeup. Eighties and seventies are my eras of choice. I enjoy wearing provocative, drastic items and cosmetics. Uniforms (out of context), ethnic clothes, historical outfits are all my obsessions. Anarchists of style inspire me, among with cult films and different artwork. I hate trends and want to stay out of them, and it’s very irritating if and when masses start to wear something exactly you do and bring it to level of throwawayism and pretention.

These tips of mine may not be a quick fix for someone wanting to transform into a style guru, but may instead change your views on the subject altogether:

1. Don’t follow fashion

Or if you do, don’t dress like it – you’ll only end up looking like everybody else. The other mistake is to waste vast amounts of time trying to look unique. The solution can be found in the middle of these dead ends of extremity; dress the way you feel comfortable looking like and (now and then) mix in some pieces of clothing that are quirky, but still represent you. Explore lesser known art, films and music. Have imagination. Coming up with a perfect style happens usually by accident, pledge your life to more important things.

2. Do second hand

The best pieces of clothing are not in boutiques. Boycott them. There’s millions of magnificent, unique clothes to be found from flea markets, online rummage sales and other second hand. You’ll not only find items that look gorgeous and stand out from mass produced ones, but protect the environment and save tons of money.

3. DIY

The people who wear studded or torn clothes off the rack don’t only make me laugh, but feel sorry for them. If you want to exploit an urban subculture in your vanity, at least do it properly. It’s not that hard to buy a plain piece of clothing and turn it into exactly what you want to wear. Handicraft takes time to master, but it’s worth it. Nowadays I use modification on almost all my clothing; shoes, jackets, accessories, and everything beyond them.

4. Blood isn’t the new black

Don’t ridicule yourself wearing fur. We’re not savages anymore. Try to dodge animal tested products. It’s not hypocrisy, it’s a sign of intelligence. I myself try to favour faux leather, and buy all my real leather second hand, so I wouldn’t support the industry. Sadly I’m not in the position to check for everything if it’s organic or fair trade, but at least I don’t wear consciously shitty byproducts of misery.

5. Fuck their fascist beauty standards

Conformity is always stupid, it will only smother your originality. I myself am all the time stared at, insulted and otherwisely disturbed because of my looks, everywhere. I don’t want that kind of attention, but I won’t start mixing in because THIS is the way I want to look like. Everyday is Halloween, everyday is a carnival. If people want necessarily to react in a petty way towards someone’s appearance/shed their misery on someone, let it be that way but don’t let it get to you.


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