The original article was published in the NYT attachment of Helsingin Sanomat on the 14th September 2018. Interview by Jose Riikonen.

The friends of dark music haven’t been pampered lately, at least not on the mainstream radio channels. This has been noted by the singer of Masquerade, who uses the artist name Suzi Sabotage.

“What comes to the playlists of mainstream radio channels, they don’t seem to be interested in anything but autotuned pop. There they have always been narrow-minded.”

Masquerade isn’t autotuned pop – they play dark post-punk.

Post-punk is a broad umbrella term to music styles where the atmosphere and themes are often fetched from dark places. Well-known exemplary bands are, amongst others, Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and the Cure, who latter can be more precisely described as representatives of gothic rock and pop music styles: black makeup, white face, and living death.

“Visually as well as sound-wise post-punk is dramatic, even disturbed, and that matches well my own mental landscapes”, Sabotage tells.

Post-punk and in fact all band-driven rock music have been downtrodden at least in Finland’s mainstream. Masquerade, for instance, play more shows abroad than in Finland.

Sabotage believes that there is demand [for that sort of music], though.

“I have the feeling, that there are quite a lot of goths and post-punkers that are seldom seen at events. They should just activate, and that would make our post-punk circles more lively.”

Active you can be for example on Wednesday when Masquerade and two other somber bands are playing at Lepakkomies.

“We offer authentic, passionate and dark-tinged alternative music. Black Tile is hypnotic darkwave, Masquerade dramatic post-punk, and Virgin in Veil is sharp-edged deathrock”, Sabotage reveals.

She says that the event is not exclusive-minded.

“Whoever, who is interested in this kind of music can participate – regardless of your style, gender identity, sexual orientation or ethnic background.”

Translated from Finnish by Suzi Sabotage. Text installed in square brackets are added clarifications by the translator.